In-house manufactured doors & drawer fronts:

  • Perfect Color Matching
  • Fade Resistant
  • Heat, Scratch, & Stain Resistant
  • Beauty & Texture of Real Wood
  • Consistent Product
Sherwood Shelving Door Program
Pentad Shaker Door


The Pentad Shaker is a classic, 5-piece door/drawer front with a 2-3/4″ frame.



This classic, 5-piece door, with a 2-3/4″ frame, is featured here with a beautiful frosted glass panel. 

This door is manufactured and shipped without the glass panel. Dealers are required to source and install the glass panels. Not available as a drawer front.

Troika Door


The Troika is a 3-piece design, which uses a V-joint to separate the horizontal grain direction of its center panel from the vertical grain direction of its outside stiles. 

This style is perfect for the top small drawer front when a shaker style doesn’t work. The side rails line up perfectly with the shaker rails giving an overall sleek look.

The Troika is a great option for small drawer fronts. It makes a great match with our Pentade Shaker.

Troika & Shaker Drawer Fronts


The Troika T/B is a 3 piece design with a vertical center panel and horizontal top & bottom rails.


European Door


The “Euro” is a classic, single-unit slab construction that fills in any space well with its timeless, no-nonsense, European design.


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