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If you have a favorite design software, no need to change. We have the capability to accept designs regardless of the software you used. However, if you’re just starting out or you’re hoping to save time, we suggest the following two design programs that integrate directly with Sherwood.

Closet Pro Software

ClosetPro Software gives you the ability to market and sell more closets, period. You will be able to quickly design a closet, display it in 3D, and price it on the spot. It's easy to learn, without sacrificing any features.


KCD Software

It might be more of a learning curve, but once you get it, KCD is jam packed with great design features and easily manages complex wood systems.

Design Software Comparison Chart





       General Features




PC / Web based software

PC based software require a dongle key. They are specific to a Windows operating system. Web based sotware can be accessed from any computer (PC or Apple), tablet, or phone.




Cost in USD

All prices are in US Dollars and are for one user.   

$2,000 then $500 / yr

$2,500 one time

$60 / month

Gable drilling import

Gable drilling will be imported either as Full Line Drill, Line Drill, or Clean Drill. For the difference between each style of drilling see “Drilling Options” in our Knowledge Base.

Full Line Drill

Full Line Drill

Line & Clean Drill

Able to import multiple rooms / designs

All prices are in US Dollars and are for one user.   



Import corner gable orientation automatically

When using corner units in a design LiveStorage and ClosetPro will always set the shelf corner gable notch as a Right Hand. This means that if you have corner units on opposite corners of the same wall the notches will end up being perpendicular to each other. KCD software imports enough information so that in this scenario the corner gable notches will be parallel. Regardless of the software these settings can easily be changed once imported to the Online Ordering platform.

       Design Features




Kitchen design

Software has a dedicated Kitchen library with accessories like fridge, stove, dishwasher, etc. in order to stage the design.

Garage design

Software is able to create cabinets that can be used in a garage.



Office design

Software is able to create cabinets that can be used in an office design.

Closet design

Software is able to create cabinets that can be used for closet organizers.



Entertainment cabinet design

Software is able to create cabinets that can be used for an entertainment center.


Rendering 3D images is rated as Poor, Good, and Excellent. 




TAG hardware & accessory library

Software has the TAG hardware and accessory library so these items can be added to the design and imported automatically into our Online Ordering platform for pricing.

Learning curve

Each software has a different learning curve to master the design features. 




Design multiple rooms within one job file

Both LiveStorage and KCD have the ability to create separate rooms within one job file. ClosetPro requires a separate job file for each room.

Easy adjustment for slope ceilings

ClosetPro has a very easy tool to add sloped ceiling and automatically adjust the height of each unit on the wall.


Quickly move unit position on a wall

ClosetPro has a tool to move units on a wall quckly and easily. 

Advanced designing tools

Although LiveStorage and KCD have to ability to design easier "outside the box", ClosetPro has many advanced designing tools to make designing quick and easy. 




Need Help designing?

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Not up to learning a new design program or you simply don’t have the time to create an impressive design? Our in-house designers can take that load off your shoulders.

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