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March 17, 2023

  • (Update) Online Ordering Platform
    • A new KCD Bridge (formerly called KCD Export Sheet) has been updated to fix the following Online Ordering import problems from KCD Software.
    • Now able to import all 5 sizes of kicks.
    • Now able to import all 7 of the new drawer height sizes.
    • Fixed door and gable height rounding issues.
    • Fixed hinge quantity error fixed.
  • (New) ClosetPro Software Now Available
    • ClosetPro Software has now been made available to dealers. Please note that there are still some import issues into the Sherwood Shelving Online Ordering platform and dealers will need to double check the order.
    • Not importing Rail & Cap.
    • Not importing Corner Shelves.
    • Not importing the proper quantity of cams for 20” – 24” shelves. Dealer will need to manually add 2 more cams per shelf.
  • (New) Hardware Cam Colors
    • We now offer a few more cam fitting colors to have a better match for Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL). Go to the Online Ordering platform, or our website, to see color options.
  • (Update) New Wood Finish Category
    • A new Wood Finish category has been created called “Top In-House Colors” which are the most popular colors. These colors are kept in-stock so the turn-around time is 12 business day. All other color are non-standard colors and could take longer than the 12 business days to manufacture.
    • The following wood colors have been discontinued: Black (now only Brava Black is available), Frost Flower, Brushed Aluminum

February 2, 2023

  • (New) Online Ordering Platform
    • Under the Closet Components, when adding items to a job, there is now a category called Raw Material. In this you can now purchase any color of edge banding (1mm) by the linear foot.
  • (Update & New) More Issues with KCD Import into Online Ordering are Fixed Must Download updated Export File 1.1.4
    • When importing hardware from KCD the Qty of Wall Rail and Wall Cover Cap were not importing properly and this has been fixed. ATTENTION – the quantity is based on cabinet lengths and not wall lengths and we advise you to double check that there is enough quantity for your needs.
    • Units are now importing in sequential order making it much easier to find unit numbers under any particular product. ATTENTION – if you click on a Tool Tip (Help Tip) located over each field these also act as sort by column. This means that this heading performs two functions: 1) Tool Tip and 2) Sort by Column.

      When you click on this header, a help window will appear giving help with that specific attribute but it will ALSO change the sorting. This means if you are looking at things like the Label Name, Wall, and Section numbers, these can instantly switch after you close the help window and putting your page out of order. To fix this, just click on the same Line Header, the window will open again, but the sorting will switch back to the way it was previously.
  • (Update & New) KCD Software New UpdatePlease get download link from our office and Update KCD
    • In this new update the Wall numbers are exported along with the room and unit numbers.
    • If you require a fixed or adjustable shelf to be 3/4″ less in depth (for example you have baseboard behind the unit) you can now select this depth only on Shelf Fixed and Shelf Adjustable found under the Closet Pieces menu in the library.

January 17, 2023

  • (Update) Change back to using KCD for pricing.
    • The Online Ordering platform does not breakdown the cost of jobs per room, for this reason you can price the jobs by room and then import into the Online Ordering platform.
  • (New) Export Sheet No Hardware Button
    • On the newest version of the Export Sheet version 1.1.2, you now have the option to convert your KCD Data to include hardware to not to include it.

January 16, 2023

  • (New) “Online Ordering” Platform now implemented
    • Submit wood & hardware orders
    • Track status of orders
    • Pay for orders
    • Run reports
    • Webstore on the old website now deactivated
  • (New) Hardware Included with Order
    • Individual quantities of hardware is now automatically calculated and included with your order when imported into the Online Ordering platform. This will eliminate the need to inventory large amounts of hardware. We still suggest keeping some extra hardware on hand.
  • (New) Order Accessories with Order – ClosetPro Users Only
    • When you create a closet design in ClosetPro and add TAG accessories, these will automatically be imported into the Online Ordering platform and be included with that order.
  • (New) Pre-Cut Wardrobe Tube
    • As an added service to your Dealers, wardrobe tube will now be cut to the proper length and included with the order. If you have inventory, you can easily delete the wardrobe tube from the order when in the Online Ordering platform.
  • (New) Drill for Door and Drawer Face Handles
    • For KCD users open your order in the Online Ordering platform and you now have the option to select the “Handle Size” which will predrill these holes on your doors and drawer faces making installation faster and easier. KCD users will also need to select “Handle Placement” for the desired handle position on doors. For ClosetPro users this will automatically import into the Online Ordering platform making manual selection unnecessary.
  • (New) Shipping Included in Price
    • To help Dealers know the exact cost per job we have included a price factor for shipping into the cost of the job. This factor is individual for your company and based on previous shipment data. This factor will be monitored and adjusted up or down based on your shipping needs and changes with freight costs. ***Minimum Order Size Required***
  • (New) Drill Back Hole for Glides
    • When in the Online Ordering platform under the Gable – Special Drilling, we have added the ability to drill the back hole for the different types of glides we offer. To do this choose the Glide Drilling Type and then enter the bottom up measurement for the bank of drawers under the DWR Bank Height field. You must also enter the DWR Depth as this might be different from the gable depth.

January 1, 2023

  • (New) “Online Ordering” Platform
    • Submit wood & hardware orders
    • Track status of orders
    • Pay for orders
    • Run reports
  • (New) Website
    • New web address is
    • Fresh new look
    • Advanced “Learning Center”
    • Extensive search functions
  • (New) Products
    • Drilling for handles on doors
    • Drilling for different glides on gables
    • Can specify drilling on “Gable – Special Drilling”
    • Drawer Box Heights
  • (Update) Submitting Wood Orders
    • All wood orders must be submitted through our new “Online Ordering” platform, as of Jan 16th, 2023
    • Last day for submitting orders through email is Friday, Jan 13th, 2023
    • Sending in orders through email will not be accepted after date above
  • (Update) Submitting Hardware Orders
    • All hardware orders must be submitted through our new “Online Ordering” platform, as of Jan 16th, 2023
    • Ordering hardware through our old website ( will be discontinued and deactivated
  • (Update) Going Paperless
    • No more manuals! All relevant information will be on the “Learning Center” section of our website

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