Change Billing and Shipping Addresses

How to change billing and shipping addresses

Need to add a billing or shipping address, or change an existing one? If so, it’s simple but you need to remember that when you are logged into the Online Ordering account you are logged-in as a particular user. Trying to change an address by going under the user avatar in the upper right corner and clicking on the “My Info” gear icon, then scrolling down to the address area, is for the user not the company. Usually in this area it would only be the home address of the user or employee.

Although the video talks specifically about how to change the company shipping address it is the same process to change the billing address – just select the appropriate name from the dropdown. To change the company address information you will need to be on the home page and just under the company name is a pencil icon with “info” beside it. Click on this icon and then scroll down to the address area. This is where you can add or change billing and shipping address information. Just remember that the system will not allow you to submit an order for processing if a company shipping address has not been entered.

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