Getting Started with ClosetPro Software

Welcome! This is a central page that will help walk you through getting started with ClosetPro. We have create a list of a few basic articles that will get you get familiar with the software:

  1. Create a ClosetPro Account
  2. Adding and Editing a Customer in ClosetPro
  3. Start a Closet Design
  4. Drawing the Room Layout
  5. Adding Units to a Wall
  6. Line Drill vs Clean Drill

If you are here because you want to know more about ClosetPro or to see the advantages of this design software. Check out these videos:

ClosetPro Full Designer Demo

Watch a complete designer demo from starting a closet design to creating the customer proposal.

ACSP Webinar: The Advantages of Using ClosetPro

In this video, they cover the advantages of using ClosetPro Software and highlight the differences between them and other closet design tools. After a quick slideshow, they jump into a live demo of the system.  Some of the areas they address:

  • Cloud based solution and what that means to their users
  • How most companies currently draw their designs, and typical pain points that most companies face
  • How ClosetPro addresses the majority of a company’s pain points
  • The advantages of using ClosetPro for quick and easy designs as well as real time pricing

There are also more articles and videos under the Category named ClosetPro Software or on ClosetPro Software’s Youtube Channel.

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