Drawing the Room Layout

Creating an accurate room layout in ClosetPro is extremely important. You cannot “squish” an organizer to fit a wall if you measured incorrectly, so make sure your measurements are accurate. (see How to Measure for Closets also see My Account that show how to change Installation “Wiggle” Room)

To create your room layout, and before you continue from the measurement page, you’ll need to decide if you want to Prefill or not Prefill the closet units. When your in the Build Your Custom Design page take note of the following instructions:


For best results, please place the door opening at the bottom of the layout. Start your front left wall at the bottom and draw in a clockwise direction.


So following the above instructions, move your mouse towards the lower left corner of the design window and click. This will create a blue circle which is the starting point of your first wall. Move your mouse to the left and click your mouse again, this will create another point. You’ll notice at the end of the line it looks like a “T”, That’s telling you that the angle is a right angle. If you start to move the line, before you finish with a second click, the top changes and it becomes a straight line. This tells you that you don’t have a right angle so if you want a right angle make sure you have that “T”. Continue to move around in a clockwise direction adding walls. Don’t be too concerned about getting the correct measurement of the wall on the screen at this point as this will be changed later.


If you make a mistake and the wall is too long, too short, or not a right angle, you can just move your mouse off the screen to the undo button and it will keep removing the dots one by one until your back to where you need it. As you go down and you’re at the same height as the initial wall, you see a leveling line and it lets you know you are lined-up perfectly.


When you’re all finished adding the walls you can click your “escape” key or go over and click Finish Drawing. The measurement lines should always be on the outside of the wall. If they’re not in the right spot you should “Reset” your Layout and start over. After clicking Finish Drawing you will see the wall measurement appear on the right-hand side of the screen. This is where you can enter the correct measurements but make sure to click the “Update Measurements” button. You’re now ready for the next step.

Using Prefill Option

When you select the Prefill Option in ClosetPro the software will automatically place organizer units on the selected walls. With this option selected you will have the following options when it’s time to select which walls you want to place units:

  • All: Place units across the entire length of the wall.
  • Fill: This is used when you need to have space in a corner and so the units will not use the entire length of the wall leaving the needed room in the corner.
  • None: No units will be placed on this wall.


After you’ve selected what walls you want to add units, your ready for the next step.

Without Prefill Option

When you turn off the Prefill Option in ClosetPro you as the designer will be responsible to handle the clearance in the corners properly. However, it now gives you the ability to place corner units. When the Prefill Option is turned off you will only have the following options when selecting which walls to place units:

  • All: You will be able to place units across the entire length of the wall.
  • None: No units will be placed on this wall.


After you’ve selected what walls you want to add units, your ready for the next step.


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