Import from KCD

How to import from KCD

The below videos are now obsolete! Please refer to the Design Software Bridge.

KCD Import Detail (Old)

This video gives a detailed procedure to import the KCD Software CSV file into the Sherwood Shelving Online Ordering platform.

KCD Import Summary (Old)

This video gives a quick summary of the procedure to import the KCD Software CSV file into the Sherwood Shelving Online Ordering platform.

NOTE: Must update KCD to the newest version of the Sherwood Library! Click Here

Post Import Checklist

After you have importing your cutlist into our “Online Ordering” platform there are a few items to check for.

  • Any Errors or Validation Issues
  • Missing Information for products
    • Gables
      • Left & Right Drill (Default as “Full-Line Drill”)
      • Rail Notch (Default “On”)
      • Glide Drilling Type (Now Imports)
      • Drawer Banks on either side
      • Routing, Backing, & Lighting
    • Doors
      • Door Style (Now Imports)
      • Handle Size (Now Imports)
      • Handle Placement (Now Imports)
    • Drawer Face
      • Handle Size (Now Imports)
      • Box Type (Now Imports)
    • Corner Shelves
      • Notch Depth (Now Imports)
      • Notch Side (Now Imports)
      • Left Depth (Now Imports)
      • Right Depth (Now Imports)
    • Miscellaneous
      • Taping Instructions
    • TAG Hardware & Accessories
      • Finishes (Now Imports)

As we work with KCD to export more data we will improve the ExportSheet to reduce the amount of manual information to enter.

NOTE: Please attached KCD pdf drawings to your order in the Online Ordering platform. 

During this transition we want to make sure you are getting what you want. Also, it is a great way to go paper less, keep a job together in one place, or even have your installers stay in the know with notes, comments, and more.

KCD Bridge

The KCD Bridge (formerly called KCD Export Sheet) is required to convert the data from the csv file created by KCD. Once the data has been converted and save in a csv format, it is ready to import into the Sherwood Shelving Online Ordering platform.

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