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Whether you create the finished design within the customer’s home or back at the office, the KCD Closet Design software makes this process fast and efficient.

Sherwood Shelving™ has worked extensively with KCD to provide a custom software specific to Sherwood Shelving™ design and pricing specifications. Most design software costs in the tens of thousands of dollars. Sherwood Shelving™ in conjunction with KCD has provided a software that is easy to use, has great technical support and is very affordable. (contact us for pricing)

KCD Software Installation

To download the latest KCD Software version 10 go to KCDsoftware.com for instructions and the download link. A key is required to use this software so contact us for more information.

Install or Update Sherwood Shelving™ Library

Current Version 14.2

You will need 2 files so you can use all the features of KCD and our Online Ordering platform. First, you will need to contact us for a link to download the Sherwood Shelving Price file. This includes our Library and the Unit Pricing file that is required to design and price your jobs. Second, you will then need to download the Unit Pricing file called Sherwood Shelving Export which is located above. This file will create the CSV file required for import into the Online Ordering platform. 

Both files mentioned above will be downloaded as a KCD zip backup file that you should save to your desktop. For first time KCD users, you must first install the KCD software on your computer. After you have installed KCD for the first time and you have rebooted your computer and the software appears to be functioning properly, you must now install the Sherwood Shelving Price and Sherwood Shelving Export files as follows:

1. Open KCD and go to: File → Back Up/Restore → Restore KCD

2. You will get a warning message to backup your files; it is always a good idea to make a backup so you always have a copy of your current data so click Backup.

3. After you have made a backup you will get a window asking for the path where you have saved your library zip backup file. This is the Sherwood Shelving Price zip backup file that you saved to your desktop. Click on browse and locate the file on your desktop. You need to keep this file as a zip file so do NOT extract this file.

4. Now click Open Archive.

5. After all the file have been opened you will see a window (below) which allows you to select what items you want to restore. Make sure everything is selected and then click on Restore Files.

6. After the restore is complete you will see an information box stating that the files have been restored. Click OK.

7. You will now be asked to restart you computer. Go ahead and click YES.

8. When your computer has restarted then open KCD. On the main menu go to “Price” and then under Unit Pricing click on Sherwood Shelving Price to highlight it, then click the edit button.

9. A page will appear (see below) and you will see the heading CSV Export File. You will need to change the path to point to your directory where you store your export file. The export file is a file required by Sherwood Shelving™ to send the job information to our Online Ordering platform and from there to our CNC machines. To do this follow the next sub steps:

    • It is usually best to create a directory where you will store all your client quotes, job files, pictures, and any other file relating to your customers job. It is a good idea to call this directory KCD Jobs. Within this directory create a sub-directory called _KCD Export Files where all the CSV export files will automatically be saved. Using an underscore at the beginning of the name will make sure the directory stays at the top of your list making it easier to find. Once you have created the KCD Jobs directory and the _KCD Export Files directory open this sub-directory and copy the path on the address line.
    • Now go back to the KCD window shown below and highlight the first path C:\Export Test and paste your path to your export directory that you just copied.
    • Repeat the previous step for the second path C:\Export Test.
    • Under the menu File go to Save and save your changes.

IMPORTANT! Do not make any other changes in this area of the software because you will change the program code and cause the software to not work properly.

10. Under the Change menu go to: Change –>Edit System –> Edit Company Heading. Make sure all your company information is correct. 

NOTE ! Previously it was required to have your dealer account number inserted on Line #5, however with our new Online Ordering platform it is no longer require. If you have an account number you can enter it here if you want.

11. You now need to set up where you will save the JOB files that KCD creates each time you create a design and save it for your customer. Under step 7 you should have already created a directory called KCD Jobs. Copy the path to this directory and then on the KCD menu go to: Change –> Edit System –> Edit Start Up. You might get an error message at this point but ignore it and continue to the Start-Up Information window.

12. Click on the Miscellaneous tab and make sure the Choose a Directory from the list >>> radio button is selected. Then paste the path to your Job Files – that you copied previously – into the field located directly below the Job Directory Location heading. Press the Apply button and then the OK button.

13. For the KCD reports to format and print properly you need to install a PDF writing application. If you do not have a PDF writing program the one we recommend is CutePDF Writer (download here). Follow the installation instructions on the CutePDF website.

14. With a PDF writing application installed on the KCD menu go to: File –> Printer Setup.

15. A Page Setup window will appear and select the CutePDF Writer and then click the OK button to save your changes. You have now made the CutePDF Writer your default printer when printing from KCD. In KCD when you click print it will not print a page but rather create a PDF file that you can save with all the other files that you create for that customer job. You can then email or print this PDF file at any time.

16. CONGRATULATIONS! You have now completed the KCD Sherwood Shelving™ Library installation. If the software is not operating properly, or you have any problems or questions, please call our office and we will be happy to assist.

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