Corner Shelf Units (KCD Users)

Create affordable and stylish kitchen storage solutions using Corner Shelf Units in KCD for your customers with Sherwood Shelving pantry organizers.

How to add Corner Shelf Units in KCD

Sherwood Shelving offers the following corner shelving in both KCD Software and ClosetPro:

  1. Corner Shelf Pie (also called 45 Corner)
  2. Corner Shelf Radius
  3. Corner Shelf L Shaped

Both the pie and radius shelves can be ordered in different depth and widths but to retain the 45 or radius angle, both the left and right side must be equal in length and depth. Unlike the pie and radius shelves, the L-Shaped shelves are fully adjustable in length and depth.

Corner shelving have the following minimum and maximum sizes:

Minimum depth 10”
Maximum shelf length: One length max 36” and the other length would have a max 32″.

All corner shelving units require a corner gable that will be exported with a default depth of 6 inches. If you want a different depth, you need to make this change once the order has been imported into the Online Ordering platform.

Wall placement for a corner shelf unit becomes very important as well as knowing what wall the corner unit is associated with. In the picture below, each of these corner units are associated with the back wall (highlighted in grey). The unit on the left is called the Left Corner Unit and the unit on the right is called a Right Corner Unit.

That seems pretty straight forward, however, if the left corner unit on the left was actually associated with the left wall (highlighted in dark grey), instead of the back wall, then it would be a right corner unit. This is shown in the picture below.

Knowing what wall these corner units are associated with becomes important when you import corner units into the Online Ordering platform. KCD is unable to import and differentiate between a left and right corner unit. Within KCD, it does differentiate between these units, but this information is not transferred during the export out of KCD and import into the Online Ordering platform. All corner units are imported into the Online Ordering as RIGHT CORNER UNITS. This will cause an error if you have a left corner unit. Manual adjustments need to be made on the Online Ordering to correct any left corner units.

We highly recommend watching the attached video tutorial to fully understand what needs to be done to correct left corner units.

Corner Shelf Units

Here's an example of a stylish kitchen storage solution for your customers with Sherwood Shelving using Corner Units.

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