Engage Accessories in ClosetPro

Learn how to use the Engage Accessories in ClosetPro. A complete home organizing solution includes accessories carefully selected to meet your customer’s needs. Sherwood Shelving has it all!

How to use Engage Accessories in ClosetPro

While on the build page of ClosetPro click on the unit section number and then click Edit Unit. In the bottom left corner click on Customize Unit. On this page you can make all the customizations you want for the unit including removing drawers and shelving and adding TAG Engage Accessories. The main thing to remember is that TAG Engage Accessories only come in the following widths:

  • 18 inches wide
  • 24 inches wide
  • 30 inches wide
  • 36 inches wide

If you have made the unit with any other measurement other than the ones listed above, when you drag the Engage item into the unit, it will not stay. This is a safeguard built into ClosetPro so you don’t inadvertently order the incorrect sized unit. When the item is mounted in the unit, you can then adjust the height position by dragging the unit.

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