Installing Doors

Sherwood Shelving™ uses European style hidden hinges with a pressure fit cup that mounts into the pre-drilled door cup hole. Characteristics for this style of hinge is the ergonomic clip-on assembly. The hinge is slipped into the front of the mounting plate (which is attached to the gable) and then light finger pressure latches the hinge arm onto the mounting plate with an audible click. This means the hinge arm is now securely clamped to the mounting plate.

The door is clipped on, zipper style, from top to bottom and once the first top hinge is in position, it takes part of the door weight, making it easier to fasten the remaining hinges.

Disassembly is done in the opposite direction, from bottom to top. The hinges are unlatched by pushing or pulling (depending on the hinge manufacturer) lightly on the latch, which for safety reasons is concealed under the side arm. One movement lifts the hinge arms off the mounting plate and the door removes from the cabinet. When there are more than one door of the same size, they will be drilled so there is a left and right hand door. This will line up the hinges on both doors covering one opening. Care should be taken to match doors prior to installation.

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