Installing Suspension Brackets

Sherwood Shelving uses a Wall Rail and Suspension bracket system to install our suspended units. This video explains how to install the suspension bracket onto the closet organizer gables (vertical panels).

Attaching Suspension Brackets

Carefully place gables against the wall in the order of the required closet system design. Affix the suspension brackets to the gables using the special Euro Screw with Shoulder lining it up with the predrilled pilot holes. Make sure the screws ARE NOT over tightened and if using a cordless drill it is a good practice to lower the torque setting. Alternate the left and right suspension brackets when affixing to the gables so you use an equal number of left and right brackets. Make sure to install the brackets on the correct side of the gable. If an end gable is against a wall then the bracket needs to be towards the inside of the gable otherwise it will hold the gable away from the wall. You will also need to turn the adjustment screw on the back of the suspension bracket so the “rail gripper” is extended (approximately 10 -12 turns of the wrist). If you try to install the gable without extending the gripper the gable will hang crooked on the wall and if you try to straighten the gable it could pull the rail off the wall or bend it.

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