Notes and Annotations

How to add notes and annotations

Notes, labels and annotations can be added to ClosetPro designs to highlight any feature for your customers. There are two places that you can add notes; first is to the right of the Wall header and second, when you are in the wall editing page at the bottom there is an Add Notes button. 

When you click on the button another page will appear showing the wall with all the units. Under the wall there is a combo box and an Add Label button and then another combo box and an Add Annotation button. If you have previously saved a commonly used note for either the label or annotation, they will appear in their respective combo boxes. When you don’t have any saved notes you can click on the button for Label or Annotation to create one.

The Add Label is very simple as it is just a text box. You can format the text by changes color and sizes. The Annotation note appears on the closet as a circle with a letter in it. Annotations are far more robust than the label as you can add images, text, links, videos, and many more features. Drag the annotation to the desired location and when the customer clicks on it, an information box will appear. These will also work when you send your proposal to the customer, as it helps to provide all the information needed so there is very clear expectations by the customer of what to expect.

The notes will not appear on the Build page to help keep things looking clean, however, they will appear on the print page. Labels are static but the annotations are interactive, so as they roll over the letter a pop-up window will appear with all the given information.

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