Symphony Wall Organizers in ClosetPro

How to add Symphony Wall Organizers in ClosetPro

The TAG Symphony Wall Organizer is a relatively new feature that has been added to ClosetPro. From the Build page make sure there is an open space on the wall you want to include the Symphony Wall Organizer. Click edit and then from the tool located on the left side of the page click and go near the bottom to the heading TAG Symphony Wall Organizer. Under this tool section you can change the following features:

  • Leather: Available options are Oyster, Pewter, and Winter.
  • Finish: Available colors are Matte Aluminum, Matte Gold, Matte Nickel, and Slate.
  • Height: Comes in the following heights 19”, 42”, and 66”.
  • Width: Comes in available widths of 13.5”, 23”, 35”, and 47”.
  • Elevation: This is the amount you want the organizer to sit above the floor to the bottom of the organizer.
  • Left Offset: The offset is from the left side of the wall.

After entering values for the above features, click the GO button located just under the Symphony header. The organizer will be placed on the wall in a position based on the values you entered. If you need to make any adjustment do this on the same menu or under the lower right hand Accessories option.

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