Basic Installation Hardware

Sherwood Shelving™ uses the best hardware available. It is essential to the ease and overall appearance of our product. It will help simplify and quicken the installation process. Using cheaper hardware options will make installation difficult and more time consuming. All hardware can be purchased on our “Online Ordering”.

Wall Rail & Cap
The fixing rail is a steel rail with holes located every inch. On standard height installations, the fixing rail is connected to the back wall 82.5 inches from the floor to the bottom of the rail. Care should be taken to secure the rail to the studs wherever possible. A decorative plastic cap covers the rail once it has been securely fastened to the wall. Caps come in a variety of colors, please refer to our Online Order for the most up-to-date color selection.

Suspension Bracket
Suspension brackets come as either a left or right depending on which side of the gable they are installed. The suspension bracket has two adjustment screws, one underneath and one at the back. The screw underneath adjusts the gable up or down.
The screw at the back adjusts the gable in or out from the wall. The bracket is attached to the gable using a special Euro Screw with Shoulder (this is not the same Euro Screw) that will screw into a 5mm hole on the gable which is provided. Care should be taken not to over tighten the screws.

Titus Cam Fitting
The Cam is a pressure fit fitting inserted into the fixed shelves. Cams come in a variety of colors, please refer to our Online Order for the most up-to-date color selection.

Screw-in Dowel
The screw-in dowel connects the fixed shelf to the gable (vertical panel). It is also used when there is no hole through the gable such as a finished end gable.

Double Dowel
The double dowel is used when there are two fixed shelves on either side of a gable. Care must be taken which direction you insert the DD. In the picture to the left there is a collar located 6.7 mm in from the right side. This collar sits against the gable and prevents the DD from pulling through the hole. If this DD was inserted into the gable as shown in the picture from Right to Left, then the fixed gable sitting on the left must be locked into position first. If the fixed shelf on the right of the gable was tightened first it would pull the DD out slightly prohibiting the left hand fixed shelf to be tightened properly.

Wardrobe Tube or Closet Pole
This is the least expensive wardrobe tube sold by Sherwood Shelving™. It has a chrome finish and it can be scratched so care should always be taken when handling or cutting the wardrobe tube. Wardrobe tube is cut to a length 5/16th of an inch shorter then the fixed shelf above it. This will allow enough room for the wardrobe tube supports and still give a snug fit. Signature and Round wardrobe tube is also available for higher end designs.

Wardrobe Tube or Closet Pole Supports
Wardrobe tube supports are always placed below a fixed shelf
usually with one hole exposed between the shelf and the support. This distance will give enough room so the hanger will not hit the shelf when hanging on the wardrobe tube. If a wardrobe tube is mounted below an adjustable shelf the adjustable shelf could be dragged off its shelf supports when removing a hanger. This could cause injury to the person removing the hanger. Always install fixed shelves above a wardrobe tube. Wardrobe supports are also available for Signature and Round wardrobe tubes.

Euro Screw with Shoulder
The Euro Screw with Shoulder is specifically designed to mount the left and right Suspension Brackets to the gables.

Euro Screw
The euro screw is used to fit a drawer slide onto a gable. Euro screws are used to fasten bottom mount, side mount or soft close slides to the gables.

The L-bracket is used to secure the shelving system to the wall and to prevent the system from leveraging or pulling away from the wall. One L-bracket should be installed on the upper side of each top fixed shelf along a shelving system and secured to each stud behind the wall. Install L-brackets in hidden locations wherever the system needs to be secured.

Bottom Mount Slides
100 lb weight capacity
durable white epoxy coating
3/4 extension
self closing action
odd sizes sold by the pair
12” – 24” lengths available

Side Mount Slides
Roller bearing
load rating 25kg
full extension
lever disconnect
cold rolled steel
also available as a soft close slide

Under Mount Soft Close Slides
75lb weight capacity
zinc coated steel profiles
5/8” max drawer thickness
Slide locking clip enable easy drawer insertion and removal
Full extension
Slides are for the Endura drawer box

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