Installing Closet Poles

Install the pole cup (wardrobe tube support or closet rod cup) leaving one free hole between the fixed shelf and where the pole cup is inserted. Once all the pole cups are in place, you can then install the closet pole (wardrobe tube or closet rod). 

Cutting Closet Poles

For easier installation, Sherwood Shelving cuts each closet pole (wardrobe tube or closet rod) to the correct length. This saves time in the field for the installer. If you purchase bulk closet pole and cut it yourself, make sure it is a straight cut, as a crooked cut will cause installation difficulties and may require an additional cut.

Oval poles should be cut 5/16” shorter than the length of the fixed shelf above it. (Signature and Round Closet Poles need to be 1/4” shorter than the length of the fixed shelf above it).

To cut the pole, it is best to use a fine tooth hacksaw. You can also use a low-speed cold-cut saw specifically designed to cut off steel sections without sparks or coolant oil. It leaves a perfect near-milled finish to the cut steel section. These saws are pricey but worth the cost if you require a lot of cutting. A cut off saw, using a steel abrasive wheel also works, however, it does leave burrs which need to be ground off and it can also discolor the ends of the poles. 

Types of Closet Poles

Signature Pole

Getting Started

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