Installing Drawer Slides

First, determine what kind of drawer slide is being used. Sherwood Shelving™ uses 4 common styles of drawer slides:

• Bottom mount slide
• Side mount slide
• Side mount soft close slide
• Under mount soft close slide

A number of factors determine where a slide is mounted. This is when it becomes vitally important to refer to your design plan and carefully figure out what style of drawer slide you should use, the size of the drawer (ie. extra small, small, medium, large or file drawer), what size of toe kick is being used, if any, and if a combination of different kinds of drawer slides are being used (ie. side mount slides for a file drawer and bottom mount slides for regular drawers located above the file drawer)

The slide placement for bottom mount slides and side mount slides will line up with the gable line boring, however, only the front hole on under mount soft close slides will line up with the gable holes. To mount soft close slides it is necessary to mount the front of the glide to the gable using a euro screw. Tighten the screw enough so the slide will not drop down when you let go of it. Next, use a carpenter square along the front edge of the gable with the tail of that square coming up underneath the soft close slide. Once the slide is square to the front edge choose one of the back holes and drill a 5mm hole.

CAUTION: Be sure not to drill too deep otherwise you might drill right through the gable – on a finished gable. This could be disastrous! To avoid this, wrap a small piece of tape around the drill bit at the desired depth, then when you reach the tape when drilling into the gable you will know when to stop.

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