Installing Murphy Beds

Sherwood Murphy Bed Installation Videos

Have you checked out Sherwood Installation videos yet? These videos are amazing because they make installing a murphy bed so much easier! The step-by-step instructions are perfect for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. Plus, using these videos saves you both time and money on installation services while ensuring that your bed is installed correctly and safely. These tools are essential for creating more space at home or improving functionality in the office.

Sherwood Murphy Bed Drilling

There are a few things you should know when installing your Murphy Bed Cabinet provided by Sherwood Shelving. This video will highlight what you will need to do. 

Sherwood Cover Caps

If you are not installing cabinetry on either side of the Murphy Bed these cover caps will help hide the exposed bolts.

Murphy Bed Installation Steps

Please note that the videos provided by Murphy Bed Hardware serve as a helpful resource. It is important to keep in mind that some steps in these videos may not be precise for the installation of Sherwood Cabinetry. To ensure the successful installation of your Sherwood Cabinet, we kindly request that you refer to the videos above and take note of any minor differences in the installation process. Thank you for choosing Sherwood Cabinetry.

Step 1: Installation Introduction

Learn about the best way to prepare for your Murphy Bed Installation.

Step 2: Unassembled Components

Understand all of the components of your new Murphy Bed before beginning the installation.

Step 3: Tools Required for Assembly

Learn about all the tools required to build your cabinetry and install your bed.

Step 4: Assembling the Cabinet

Learn about your first step – building the bed cabinet.

Step 5: Installing LED Lights on the Cabinet

Learn part one of installed LED lighting on your bed. If you chose not to include LED lighting with your bed, then skip this video and continue with Video #6.

Step 6: EZ Level Installation for the Murphy Bed Cabinet

Learn how to install and use the EZ Levels to ensure level installation on uneven floors.

Step 7: Securing the Bed Cabinet to the Wall

Learn how to secure the bed cabinet to the wall for maximum security and ease of use.

Step 8: Installing the Springs into the Lift Mechanism

Determine your required number of springs and learn how to insert into the Lift Mechanism.

Step 9: Mounting the Murphy Bed Mechanism

Learn how to mount the mechanism on your new bed.

Step 10: Assembling the Frame

Learn how to best assemble the bed frame.

Step 11: Installing Bolts onto the Frame

Learn where and how to install bolt #1 and #3. Remember to keep the remaining bolts from this bag for future steps.

Step 12: Installing the Legs and Crossbar

Learn how to install the legs and crossbar for your bed.

Step 13: Arming the Mechanism

Learn how to arm the mechanism. Please note, we highly recommend two people help with this step.

Step 14: Mounting the Panel

Learn how to mount the bed panel. Please note, two people capable of holding and maneuvering approx. 100 lbs are required to mount the front panel to the mechanism.

Step 15: Installing the Handles on the Bed Panel

Learn how to install the handles on the bed panel using the pre-drilled holes.

****Currently Sherwood doesn’t do this******

Step 16: Installing the Mechanism Covers and Mattress

Learn how to install the mechanism covers and add your standard spring coil mattress. Please note foam, gel, latex, and Tempurpedic mattresses are not recommended and will void the warranty of your bed.

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