Slanted Ceilings

How to use the slanted ceilings tool in ClosetPro

ClosetPro has so many tools that allows you to make changes so quickly compared to other software options. The Slanted Ceilings tools is one of those time-saving tools. From the Build page click on the edit wall and then over on the left side click on the Wrench slide-out tool. 

Now scroll down to the heading Wall Heights. You will see 2 points on the wall, the first point is the far left hand side and the second point is the far right side of the wall. By changing the point heights, and adding more points, you can change the wall shape to match a vaulted, barn shape, etc.

If you already have units on the wall, and let’s say you changed the wall to a sloped or vaulted shape, some of the units might be too high for the wall. Another tool under the Wrench slide-out is the Unit Ceiling Offset that allows you to set the amount of space you want between the top of your units and the ceiling. From the dropdown you can select which units you want to change, and all the heights of the selected units will automatically change base on the offset you entered. Another great way to use the Unit Ceiling Offset, even it you do not have a slanted ceiling, is if you want to change the height of all the units on a wall. Let’s say your customer would like the units to be a couple of inches higher you can easily do this with this tool.

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