User Account Settings

How to edit your user account settings

Editing your account information in ClosetPro is very straight forward. After you log in, click on the “My Account” menu item and a submenu with the following will appear:

  • Manage License: This is where you purchase your license agreement with ClosetPro and enter your credit card for billing.

  • Edit Account: Allows you to edit the main user information as well as company details such as address, Federal ID number (IRS, GST, HST). You also change the global Standard and Accessory Mark Up’s.

  • Change Password: Area where you change your current password.

  • Shipping Addresses: Can add multiple shipping addresses.

  • Upload Logo: Upload your company logo to brand the software with your information.

  • Custom Components: Allow you to turn off and on the ability to save custom components (units).

  • Settings: Under this section you can change many default values and design options.

  • Proposal Defaults: Default values can be changed for customer proposals.

  • Notes: This is where you can add Annotations and Labels for your designs.

  • Terms & Conditions Defaults: Allows you to enter any Terms and Conditions for your customers.

Each of these areas are fairly self-explanatory and fortunately don’t require much explanation.

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