My Account Information – ClosetPro

Editing your account information in ClosetPro is very simple by going to the left-hand menu and selecting the My Account tab.

Edit Account

Under this tab click on Edit Account and here you have the option to edit the contact and company information. Note that you can also edit the Default Customer Mark Up from this location. The customer markup is going to be what you basically consider your default when you’re going to charge a customer so if you’re paying $10 for a shelf and you want to charge your customer $20 a shelf you’ll change this value and make it a two. If you want to charge $25 per shelf you make a 2.5.

Change Password

Click on the Change Password to edit your password. You’ll need to enter your current password and then enter your new password and confirm it.

Upload Logo

Under Upload Logo you can upload your company logo so that proposals you send to your customer will have your brand.

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