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Wood Products

Comparing Sherwood Shelving prices with your current manufacturer is easy. Once you’ve created an Online Ordering account (often called OLO) just select the design software you think you’d like to use. If you’re just getting started, we recommend ClosetPro since it is a web based software and you can create a free account for 30 days. You can always select one of the other design software solutions later.

Create a closet design in ClosetPro and then follow the instructions for Importing with ClosetPro using our Bridge. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can import your design right into OLO and you will see the pricing for the job and individual products. Please note that all pricing is shown in Canadian dollars so if you’re located in the USA your cost will be approximately 30% cheaper.

Our research indicates that Tier 1 dealers typically apply a markup by a factor of 3. However, it’s important to note that markups can vary in different localities across the USA and Canada, with some being lower or higher.

Sherwood Shelving prioritizes affordability without compromising quality. Our wood products are priced per square inch, accounting for moderate waste while emphasizing Lean manufacturing to minimize it. Prices vary based on wood style and color, with White being the most economical. Design software may provide estimates, but final pricing occurs on our Online Ordering platform, accommodating room-specific grouping.

Tier Level Discounts

We have established a tiered pricing structure for dealers, with intentionally attainable criteria for each tier, ensuring accessibility for new dealers. For more informaiton see Pricing under the footer.


Sherwood Shelving has established strategic partnerships with prominent suppliers to secure advantageous volume discounts on industry-standard accessories. In our procurement process, we incorporate necessary freight fees to facilitate the transportation of bulk orders to our location. Importantly, when these accessories are shipped alongside your order, any associated increase in shipping costs remains minimal. Notably, some Dealers have opted to procure directly from suppliers, only to discover that their overall costs were higher, encompassing both product and shipping expenses.

Shipping Costs

Refer to our Freight article for detailed information on our shipping process and pricing.

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