In todays market place recruitment of new employees can be difficult due to the shortage of qualified people in the workplace. A few suggestions are listed below to help in your search for a new sales person:

• Word of mouth
• Internet job sites
• Newspaper help wanted ads
• Head-hunting companies
• Contact post secondary institutions for lists of recent graduates • Post “Now Hiring” signs on your building
• Advertise in local churches, organizations or clubs

Once potential candidates have been found a vital step in recruitment is sifting through the people to find just the right one for your business, this is done during the interview process. A proper interview process should include a minimum of 2 to 3 interviews with each interview to weed out those who do not fit your criteria. This is done by starting with basic qualifications and attributes on the first interview and then short listing your interview pool for the second and subsequent interviews while at the same time asking more specific questions in relating to your company needs.

An important step in any recruitment process is following through and contacting all personal and business references. You can find out a lot about a person and their work ethics by talking to people who have worked with or have known them for any length of time. Care should be taken with talking to past employers in case the person left on bad terms. This can be important information but use your own judgement based upon your findings and feelings.

Once you have selected a couple of potential candidates, try them out. Take them on a sales call and see how they do with limited training of the product. This will tell you a lot about their ability to sell and their motivation to prepare themselves (i.e. are they willing to do a bit of research and homework to prepare themselves for the job?). You may not get the sale but you may just save yourself a lot of time and lost revenue by finding the right person.

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