The following is a suggested training schedule each designer should complete. Since each designer will learn at a different pace, the training should progress at a rate which does not exceed the learner’s ability. This training should consist of three phases.

Phase I: In-House Training: This should take place over two to three days.

Introduction to:

• The company operations and product
• Origins and history of your company
• Who’s who in your business
• Company forms such as sales orders, invoices, estimate sheets, etc. • Sales aids

• KCD Design Software
• Showroom
• Concept of design
• Product material and hardware • Accessories

• Features and benefits

Phase II: In-The-Field Training: Five to ten days should be taken for installation and appointment visits. Installations – Assist and observe the installer in installation of a wall closet, a walk-in closet and a problem closet.

Appointments – Take one day to observe sales/design situations in the customer’s home with an experienced designer.

Phase III: In-House Training Continued: Take one to two days to cover.

• Designing with KCD
• Paperwork flow from designer to completion of the job.
• Follow-up procedure.
• Selling – introduction to selling, closing techniques, dealing with objections, contract and collection of deposit.

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