Wardrobe Dimensions

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Hanging Items

The following measurements will help when designing for hanging items. Allow approximately 2” width per item (this is optimal) however, you can allow a minimum of 1”. Lengths will vary as follows:

  • Long hang for robes, gowns and jumpsuits – 66” to 68” from floor to top of shelf above rod.
  • Medium hang for skirt length items – 56” to 58” from floor to top of shelf.
  • Medium hang (Pant Hang) for pants that are being hung by the cuff – 48” to 54” (depending on customer’s height)
  • Double hang for skirts – 36” to 44” (depending on style of skirt)
  • Double hang for shirts, blouses, jackets and miscellaneous separates – 40” plus or minus.

Shelf Items

When items are placed on shelving make sure to allow enough room with the following measurements:

  • T-Shirts and sweaters, permit 10” to 12” per folded stack.
  • Men’s shoes permit 8” to 10” across the soles per pair.
  • Women’s shoes permit 7” to 8” across the soles per pair.


For purses and handbags you will need to meaure them, however, the two shelves above the long section will usually accommodate two to six miscellaneous folded items such as shirts and towels. Bed sheets need a minimum of 12″ width per stack.

NOTE: These dimensions are general. Keep in mind that each customer’s height varies. Measure length of each type of hanging item from the top of the hanger to the bottom of the garment to be certain the wardrobe fits properly into his/her custom design.

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