Types Of Closets

Wall (Reach-in) Closet

A wall closet typically spans 22” to 30” in depth and can extend two feet or more in length. It offers diverse door options such as bi-fold, bi-pass, pocket, French, swing doors, or even none at all. Examples include:

  1. Bedroom/Wardrobe Closets
  2. Entry Closets
  3. Pantries
  4. Linen Closets

Walk-in Closets

A spacious closet designed for walking into, often featuring two or more walls for the installation of a clothing organizer system.

Specialized Closets

Certain closets pose unique design challenges, demanding extra consideration:

  • L-shaped Closet: Utilizes two connecting walls for closet space.
  • Angled Wall/Ceiling Closet: Typically found in custom-built homes with vaulted ceilings and/or angled walls.

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