7 Installing Lower Cabinets

Whenever you are installing upper or lower cabinets, and you have a corner unit, you need to start installing the corner cabinet first and then work out in each direction from there. In the video it shows a curved desk gable. Sherwood Shelving doesn’t make this style of gable anymore because there is an easier way to make a corner cabinet involving less cost to the customer. Even if doors are required on the lower cabinet, a Blind Cabinet can be used.  

Make sure to install all the dowels and any drawer slides or hinge plates while you can lay the gable on the floor. This makes the hardware installation so much easier and will speed up the installation process. Once all the hardware has been installed, if you can build some of the base, or lower, cabinet completely and then position them it makes things easier. If you completely build the lower cabinet lying on the floor, go ahead and install the kicks. When you have multiple lower cabinets, you won’t be able to build each cabinet separately when building using a shared gable system. In this case you might need to install some of the gables separately. It takes a little more dexterity, but you can hold and gable against your leg and then place the fixed shelf into position, and then finish off by tightening the cam fittings. When you have finished installing all the lower cabinets, you’re ready for the next step.

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