Change Billing and Shipping Address

Disclaimer: Please note that some of the information in the video has changed and might not be applicable.

Need to add a billing or shipping address, or change an existing one? Without a shipping address entered you will not be able to submit an order for processing. 

Adding or editing a shipping address is simple but you need to remember that when you are logged into the Online Ordering account you are logged-in as a particular user. Trying to change an address by going under the user avatar, in the upper right corner, and clicking on Edit, then scrolling down to the address area, is for the user not the company. Usually in this area it would only be the home address of the user or employee.

Change Billing & Shipping Address 2

The correct location to change the company shipping address you need to be on the home screen. To make sure you’re on the home screen go under your avatar and select My Home. Once you’re on the home screen go to the upper left corner, just below the banner, you will see your company name. Just under the name you will see Info with a pencil beside it. This is the link to go to the main company page where you can make all these changes.

When you click on the Info link the rest is self-explanatory to add or edit any of the company information.

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