The approach stage involves the initial meeting between the salesperson and prospect, where the objectives are to gain the prospect’s attention, stimulate interest and build the foundation for the sales presentation itself and the basis for a working relationship. The first impression is critical at this stage and it is common for salespeople to begin the conversation with a reference to common acquain­tances, a referral or even the product or service itself. Which tactic is taken will depend on the information obtained in the prospecting and pre-approach stages. Don’t be any earlier than 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment and most important, don’t be late! Upon arrival greet customer in a friendly manner and introduce yourself and the company.


At this time it would be appropriate to hand the customer your business card so he/she can reference your name during the presentation. Tell the customer what you are going to do during the appointment and keep the customer with you throughout the appointment. Tell your customer that you will first measure up all the spaces and then you will sit down with them to review possible designs. Try to move through this process without a lot of talking with the customer as this can really extend the time it takes to do the estimate.

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