1 Remove Baseboard

The first step to install an office is to remove the baseboard. Cut along the top of the baseboard where they’ve caulked it, and this will help prevent ripping off the paint when you pull the baseboard away from the wall. Once the caulking is cut you want to take a 6-inch trowel and just gently work it in behind the baseboard. The 6-inch-wide trowel works great because you can easily get it behind the baseboard and there’s enough displacement when prying off the baseboard that it won’t dig into the drywall.

Work your way along the wall and wiggle the trowel quickly in-and-out as you move along. This will start to loosen the baseboard making it easier to remove. It takes a little bit to get it started, but once you get it started, it starts coming off easier. Make sure to cut the rest of that caulking right along the full length of the baseboard as well as the corners where the baseboard joins. Gently pull off the baseboard making sure you have cut right through the caulking. If you fail to cut all the way through the caulking you WILL rip the paint off the wall.

When you remove each section of baseboard mark the back side using a numbering sequence as you work your way around the room. Doing this will save time when you go to reinstall the baseboard. Also, you need to remove the pins that were used to fasten the baseboard to the wall. Never leave these pins in place as it can damage the floor or cause injury to someone. The easiest way to remove the pins is to use Side Cutter Pliers (these have many names such as: Wire Cutter, Flush Cutter, Nippers, Diagonal Cutter, etc.) and gently hold the pin with the pliers and pry the pin right through the baseboard. By doing this you can quickly remove the pins immediately after you remove the baseboard off the wall eliminating any hazards or damage.

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