Design with Islands

When designing an Island, you must make sure there will be enough room around the island to access the drawers once they have been fully extended. Islands are relatively easy to design but first you must start with the basic Island Unit. Islands come in two depths allowing for either a 14” (355.8 mm) deep or 16” (406.4 mm) deep drawer or cabinet and only come in one standard height of 39.8” (1011 mm).

Island without Drawers

This basic design allows for versatile customization to meet customer needs. For instance, request drilling on both sides of an island gable for a center gable to design a wider island. Explore options like adding small gables for a shoe bench with shelving or configuring drawers and open shelving creatively. The key is to keep the design simple and within the box while using imagination.

Standard Island Components

Island Divider

Island Divider

The Island Divider is thoughtfully designed for effortless assembly, featuring five pre-drilled Cam holes on each side. This facilitates seamless integration with the island gable, which is strategically equipped with holes down the center for secure attachment to the divider. When island gables are affixed to both sides of the Island Divider, they form the foundational “H” shape, constituting the fundamental unit of the island structure.

Island Gable Righ Side

Island Gable - Right Side

The Island Gable is available in two depths:

  • 29” (736.6 mm) Deep – designed for 14” deep drawers or cabinets on either side.
  • 33” (838.2 mm) Deep – designed for 16” deep drawers or cabinets on either side.


The island gable features five holes drilled slightly to one side of the center where dowels are inserted, and the island divider is attached. If one side of the island has open shelving, it is crucial to ensure that the cams on the island divider faces away from the edge closer to the center holes. This ensures that cams will not be visible on the open shelving side.

Both gables come with a standard height of 1011 mm, allowing for various drawer configurations depending on the size of the toe kick.

For Small Kick 2.5” (63mm):

  1. Medium drawers (2), small drawers (3)
  2. Large drawer (1), medium drawers (2), small (1)
  3. Medium drawers (3), extra-small drawers (2)


For Medium Kick 3.75” (95mm):

  1. Medium drawers (4), most common configuration
  2. Large drawer (1), medium drawers (2), ExSm (1)
  3. Medium drawers (2), small drawers (2), extra-small drawers (1)

Fixed Shelf

A standard fixed shelf is used at the bottom and top of the island gable making sure the bottom shelf is connected to the 4th hole from the bottom to allow for a medium toe kick, or the 3rd hole from the bottom for a small kick.

Adjustable Shelf

Island’s can be designed with drawers, open shelves, or doors. Adjustable shelves can be installed to give flexibility to the storage space.

Toe Kick

Toe Kick

A standard toe kick is used to finish the appearance of the front and back of the island.

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