Design with Doors

Design software can automatically determine cabinet door sizes, but it’s crucial to verify accuracy. Sherwood Shelving offers a Door Height Chart in Design Helps for easy sizing, with a caution to ensure 8mm overlays for half-overlay doors. Another useful resource is the “Calculating Gable, Drawer & Door Heights” also found in the Design Helps.

Our European, Coastal Shaker, and Terzetto styles share TFL with organizers for perfect color matches. Thermofoil doors use wrapping, but caution is advised due to potential color variations. Educate customers and check Sherwood Shelving for color availability.

For thermofoil doors, limited color options exist; verify with Sherwood Shelving. Best practice includes showing melamine, edge tape, and thermofoil samples to customers for color approval.

All doors and drawer faces maintain an 8mm overlay on gables and shelving, with a 3mm reveal for a neat appearance.

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