Global Closet Changes from the Right Slideout Window Gears – ClosetPro

When you are on the Build (Design) page in ClosetPro, over on the right side you will find the Gears slide out option. The Gears option gives a variety of global changes that can be made to the organizer. The Gears option allows you to change the following:

  • Primary Wood Color
  • Finish for All Hardware
  • Hanging Rod Style (Wardrobe Tube)
  • Advanced Finishes
    • Shoe Fence Finish
    • Pull Out Basket Finish
    • Tilt Out Hamper Finish
  • Switch Between Wall/Floor Orientation
  • Panel Configuration
    • Shared
    • Doubled
  • Select Cloths Type for 3D
  • TAG Engage Hardware Finish
  • Backing Options
  • Advanced Colors
    • Vertical Color
    • Shelving Color
    • Edgeband Color
    • Drawer Color
    • Door Color
    • Backing Color
    • Crown Color
    • Base Color
    • Melamine Countertop Color
    • Toe Kick Color
  • Global Drawer Selection
  • Popular Closet Organizer Styles

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