9 Installing Drawers

Sherwood Shelving offers a variety of drawer styles such as our melamine bottom mount, melamine side mount, melamine file drawer, pre-finished birch side mount, and our Endura drawer box available in white or grey. The melamine and birch drawer boxes are made with 3/4″ material and 1/2″ bottoms and wood dowel construction making a very durable long-lasting drawer. Each style of drawer will install a bit differently depending on the drawer slide.

Melamine Box – Bottom Mount

Melamine Box – Side Mount

Melamine Box – File Drawer

Endura Drawer Box

Endura Drawer Box

If the drawer faces (fronts) have not already been installed on the drawer box, then this is the time that can be done. Once the drawer has been installed into the slide on the cabinet, make sure the drawer box front handle holes have been drilled through. For all the drawer styles, except for the Endura drawer box, insert a #8-32 x 1/-3/4” Truss Combination screw into the drawer box handle hole pointing out toward the front of the box. Now place the drawer face over the screw and attached the drawer handle. Don’t overtighten the handle as this will allow you to slightly move the face to align all the faces if you have several adjacent drawers or doors.

When all the drawer faces have been aligned, you can now tighten all the handle screws to prevent the drawer face from moving. The final process is to secure the face to the box my using the appropriate size screw. With a 3/4″ box front and 3/4″ drawer face we recommend using a 1-1/4” pan head screw. Make sure not to sink the screw head into the wood as it could penetrate the drawer face causing damage.

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