Installing Dowels and Gables (Vertical Panels)

Sherwood Shelving uses a Cam Fittings and Dowels to connect our units together. This video shows how to install dowels and gables during a closet organizer installation.

Dowel Selection

There are only 2 types of dowels that you will use, Screw-in Dowel and Double Dowel. Each has a slightly different function (also refer to the Knowledge Base article “Basic Installation Hardware” for more informaiton) so you need to choose the dowel that will work best. Dowels are only inserted into gables where a fixed shelf is secured.

The first thing you need to do is determine the type of closet unit that will be on either side of the gable (i.e. Double Hang, Long Hang, Medium Hang, Tower, etc.) and choose from the 2 types of dowels that will be appropriate for the installation.

The Double Dowel is only used when there is a fixed shelf on either side of the gable; for example the top shelves running the length of the organizer system. The Screw-In Dowel can be used on a standard gable (a gable that has holes drilled all the way through) when only one side of the gable has a fixed shelf. They are also used on finished gables, or when there is a different drilling pattern on either side of the gable, or a wardrobe tube support is installed on the other side of the gable. Experience will make this process easier and much faster.

Gable (Vertical Panel) Placement

It is usually best to work from the left to the right when installing a closet organizer. Using the closet design drawing figure out what size of gable you will use to start on the left side of the wall. If you already laid out the gables during the suspension bracket installation, and have the dowels inserted during the previous step, then you can quickly hang the gables.

Once the first gable has been placed on the wall then look at your drawings to see what size of shelf will be installed in the unit. Butt your tape measure against the first gable you placed and measure over the shelf width and draw a little pencil mark on the rail cap. Now place the next gable to the right of the pencil mark. Again, look at your drawing for the shelf size for the next unit and with your tape measure against the second gable measure over the shelf distance and draw another pencil mark. Place the next gable to the right of this mark. Repeat this process until all the gables have been placed on the wall.

By measuring over and then placing the gable in position, it becomes very each when you start installing the fixed shelves. Usually you will only have to tap the gable in either direction to make a nice tight fix for the shelf.

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