Signing the Contract and Collecting Payment

Your estimate should include a breakdown of the organizer cost and detailed drawings. Both things are integral and form the contract between you and the customer. It should be made clear to the customer that the price and design has been approved by evidence of their signature.

You should also indicate on the contract the color of material to be used and the customers approval for any color match for doors, cams, moldings, edge tape, etc. This can be critically important and can save you thousands of dollars by avoiding replacing the organizer because the customer said it was the wrong color or they didn’t like the color match. GET IT IN WRITING !

Have the customer sign the contract and collect the deposit. After the contract has been signed, inform the customer of your policy of wardrobe removal and breakout.

Note: A sales contract represents the company’s intent and consumer protection and must also be signed. A minimum of 10% of the total sale must be collected at the time the contract is signed (however, Sherwood Shelving™ recommends 50%). Balance of payment is to be paid at the time of completion of the work. It is very important that designers emphasize this to the customer after the sale. Installers are to collect the balance due upon completion of installation. They must restate this policy to the customer during the initial conversation, prior to installation.

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