Features and Benefits of Sherwood Shelving Organizers

When selling an organizer make sure you are selling the benefits of the Sherwood Shelving™ system not the features. A feature is an attribute of the product regardless of whether or not the product is ever sold or used by the customer. A benefit is attached to the customer. It is not inherent in the product; rather it is inherent in people. It comes as a result of using the product.

Below is a table listing the features and benefits of the Sherwood Shelving™ system.



Professional designers and installers,
fully trained and qualified for in-home service

• A more personal closet design
• Top quality service and workmanship 
• Peace of mind
• Customer satisfaction

The system is state of the art technology in design, material and hardware

• Prevents clothes from becoming entangled or damaged
• Allows for easier placement and removal of clothes
• Maximizes storage space
• Quality and durability in the design
• Eliminates frustration
• Wardrobe is compartmentalized for easy selection
• Puts everything within reach (no more bending down for shoes)
• Floor space is unobstructed for easy vacuuming
• Helps maintain a neat organized look

Adjustable shelves and wardrobe tubes
(made of top quality and durable materials for lifetime use)

• Easily adapts to the changing needs of customers

Guarantee against defect in parts, materials and in- stallation (most dealers will provide some kind of guarantee)

• Provides peace of mind
• Assures customer of quality

Several wardrobe tube options

• Clean look
• Durable and non-sagging

Plastic rail covers

• Gives a clean look
• Washable and mark resistant

Heavy duty steel rails

• Easy to install
• Permits system adjustability
• Removable without leaving multiple holes like other systems

Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL) – top of the line board

• Durable, washable and scratch resistant
• Eliminates sagging

Drawers with the option of full melamine boxes constructed with doweling, screws, smooth-slide glides and 1⁄2” bottom or wood veneer boxes de- signed for soft close slides

• Provides maximum strength and durability
• No more fighting with drawers to open or close them
• No more drawer bottoms breaking out

Home Improvement – a prime asset for any home

• Increases resale value of home and therefore is cost effective

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