Lean Manufacturing

As the landscape of manufacturing evolves, various methodologies such as mass production, Five “S” Workplace Organization, Just-In-Time, Kanban, and Lean have emerged, each influencing the industry in unique ways. Over two decades ago, a friend introduced me to the concept of Lean through the book “Becoming Lean,” edited by Jeffrey K. Liker. Despite my initial confusion and the overwhelming data presented, I recognized the core importance of people, raw materials, and machinery in any manufacturing process.

At Sherwood Shelving, we believe in the fundamental role of our dedicated team, the quality of raw materials, and the machinery used in shaping our products. Despite a previous attempt at a simplified Lean process, it wasn’t until 2023 that my son, Jessy, Vice President, delved into Lean Manufacturing with a newfound clarity by reading “2 Second Lean” by Paul Akers.

Prior to my discovery of Paul Akers’ deep involvement in the Lean process, I was already familiar with him through our business dealings with FastCap, based in Bellingham, Washington. I had visited his site years ago, even before the construction of his new facility. However, it came as a pleasant surprise to learn about the extent of his dedication to the Lean process. As we delved into Paul’s book, both Jessy and I experienced a moment of enlightenment. We realized that Lean extends beyond mere financial success or superior products; it’s about nurturing a culture of continual individual improvement

This paradigm shift emphasizes looking outward, focusing on others rather than oneself. Our commitment to daily improvement has become an integral part of our routine, evident in our huddle sessions with the staff. While we are still refining the process, the enthusiasm from our team as they embrace personal growth is palpable. As we extend this ethos, our goal is not only to enhance the lives of our staff but also to positively impact our Dealers and their customers. We envision a future where our interactions and products contribute to enriching lives on multiple fronts.

David W. Robinson
Founder, CEO

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