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Sherwood Shelving presents a sophisticated array of gable drilling options to enhance the customization of your closet organizers. This article delineates the terminology associated with our drilling choices, starting from the basic and progressing towards more intricate options. While the Online Ordering platform allows you to select the drilling type for any gables, it’s noteworthy that, currently, only ClosetPro seamlessly integrates with either the Line Drill or Clean Drill options during the Online Ordering import process. Let’s delve into the specifics of each drilling option to better understand their advantages and applications.

Full Line Drill

The Full Line Drill option involves drilling the gable along its entire length on both sides, unless one side is designated as finished. This meticulous approach offers the advantage of gable interchangeability and provides customers with complete shelf adjustment capabilities within their organizer. The versatility of Full Line Drill ensures a tailored and adaptable solution for various organizational needs.

Line Drill

Distinguishing itself from Full Line Drill, Line Drill involves drilling holes down the length of the gable to match the opposing gable’s dimensions. For example, in a scenario where a 4 ft Double Hang section is positioned to the left of a tower, the holes on the left side of the long tower gable will precisely match the 4 ft Double Hang gable’s distance. This precision in drilling not only streamlines the aesthetic but also contributes to a more polished and finished appearance.

Clean Drill

The Clean Drill option, as the name implies, minimizes the number of holes drilled in the gable, resulting in a clean and uncluttered overall look. Currently available exclusively for specific hanging units, including Single Long Hang (SLH), Double Shelf Hang (DSH), Economy Long Hang (ELH), Long Hang (LH), Medium Hang (MH), Short Hang (SH), and Double Hang (DH). The Clean Drill option is offered for both Regular and 8Ft height gables and caters to discerning customers seeking a sleek and minimalist aesthetic for their closet organizers.

For a comprehensive understanding of the different units and their configurations, explore our Design Consultant articles categorized under Common Closet Units for Regular and 8ft dimensions. Additionally, Sherwood Shelving has incorporated Adjustable Shelf movement by drilling three holes wherever applicable, allowing for a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics in your customized closet solutions.

REMEMBER! Clean Drill is only available for specific hanging units which cannot be changed or altered. Within OLO, there are limited Clean Drill options for towers. It is important to remember that clean dill will NOT work if the height of adjoining units is different because the clean drill pattern starts at the top and works down the gable. If you try to set a clean drill attribute to different height opposing gables the drilling pattern will be off by the height difference of the gables.

Regular Height Clean Drill Units

8Ft Height Clean Drill Units

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